2005 Totcky Award Winner

1939 Chrysler

Submitted by Ray H.

The last week of November in 2004, Bob B. stopped by to see Ray and told him about a 1939 New Yorker for sale in Jefferson City, MO. When Ray asked Bob when he was going to go and buy it, Bob said that he didn't want it. Well, in that case, Ray did!

On New Year's Day of 2005 at 4:00 A.M., Ray, Bob, Don K. and Ed H. set out in Bob's Suburban towing Ed's trailer and headed for Missouri. Ten hours later they arrived in Jefferson City, looked the car over and headed back home with it in tow. With the four of them sharing the driving and talking "old cars" they had a fine time.

Once Ray got the car back home, he discovered a bunch of parts were missing from his newly-acquired treasure, so he had to round up parts from all over, including South Dakota. The gear shift linkages were missing, so he had to make some.

Ray had been working on a '49 Chrysler, but had to put it on hold in the shed in order to devote his time to this New Yorker. He painstakingly obtained the necessary parts, put it together, decided on an upholstery and paint scheme, and eventually had the car you can see on the cover.

By the way, the '49 Chrysler that Ray put on hold...he began working on it again and it is finished. He realized that the car originally had a visor on it, but it was missing, so he kept an eye out for one. One day on his way back from Hartselle, he stopped at a junkyard and the first thing he spied was a visor just like the one he needed. He found the owner and inquired about purchasing it. The owner didn't want to take it off the car. Ray bought the visor, It simply had a car attached to it. Now Ray has a '48 New Yorker and is working on it as well. You know how one thing leads to another!

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