Club history


Our club dates its origin to the "Huntsville Antique Automobile Club" which was organized in December 1961. In 1962, the members saw the advantages of being affiliated with a national organization and submitted a petition for charter to the national Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).

The charter was officially granted in February 1963. The North Alabama Region (NAR) was the first antique automobile club in Alabama to become nationally affiliated with AACA. There are currently over fifty member families in the club.

We recently celebrated our 50th anniversary as an AACA region chapter.

NAR Officers

The NAR officers are elected annually and begin serving in January. 2021 officers are:

  • President Jeff Slagle
  • Vice President Chuck Nickey
  • Secretary Angie Henslee
  • Treasurer Jim True
  • Editor Tom Beam
  • Web Editor (vacant)
  • At-large Board Members
    Bob Ferenc
    Joe Marchelites
    Wayne Scites
    Harry Trumball

The officers and board members constitute the executive board whose duties are to set policies, recommend disbursement of funds, and conduct Region business. Members may pass motions, rescind Board motions or actions, disburse funds, or conduct business at any regular meeting.

The club charter specifies regular meetings be held on the fourth Thursday of each month. Dinner meetings, our Christmas Banquet, or other activities are often considered our regular meeting if official proceedings are conducted and prior notification has been provided to the membership. See our Upcoming Events calendar for meeting times and locations; members are also notified through our award-winning Newsletter.

69mercedes BerryTrophy Huntsville Parade

Club Trophies

Two traveling trophies are presented each year at the club's annual Christmas dinner meeting.

  • The Carl Berry Award (named for a former club member) is presented to the member recognized as having provided outstanding service to and promotion of the club during the year.
  • The Totcky Award is presented as a tribute in memory of charter member Thomas Totcky in recognition for most improved antique vehicle. (Thomas died in 1965 while trying to save a drowning victim.) Nominees for this award are limited to club members who have made improvements to vehicles and have begun showing them during the year.
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