2015 Totcky Award Winner

2015 Totcky

Submitted by Joe S. in his own words.

As a fairly recent member, I am extremely honored and excited to have received the NAR Totcky Trophy this year! My car is a 1959 Triumph TR-3a which I got back in 1976 when we were living in Las Cruces, NM. I have always liked these models with their distinctive "cut down" doors and early British sports car styling. It's interesting that I originally purchased this car for $200 to use as a parts car in fixing up another TR-3 that I had recently gotten. But after I got it home and looked at it more thoroughly I realized it was actually more solid than my "good" TR-3 so I switched over and rebuilt this car using my original "good" car for parts!

I initially got it re-built and on the road in 1978 and over the next 35 years I only drove the car on nice days and sometimes it was not driven for many months. Last year, after not being started for about six months, I discovered the engine had seized. Since the engine had to be rebuilt I also realized that after 35 years lots of other items needed attention. So I went ahead and did a full mechanical restoration.

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This was an extensive total mechanical rebuild and restoration. I finally got it back on the road last May and it drives great. I intend to drive it at least once a week since I feel driving an older car is really the only way to keep it in shape. The many NAR Club Events should give me lots of opportunities!

Here's a list of all the work that was done: Total Engine Rebuild, Carburetors Rebuilt, Fuel Pump Rebuilt, Distributor Rebuilt, Transmission Rebuilt, Driveshaft Rebuilt, Starter Rebuilt, Generator Rebuilt, Clutch and Brake Hydraulic System Rebuilt, Front and Rear Brakes Rebuilt, Steering Box Rebuilt, Front Suspension Rebuilt, Front and Rear Springs Replaced, Front and Rear Shock Absorbers Replaced, Gas Tank Replaced, Radiator Rebuilt, Windshield Wiper Motor Rebuilt, New Wiring Harness Installed, Engine Compartment Detailed and Painted.

2015 Totcky
1959 Triumph TR-3a
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