2014 Totcky Award Winner

2014 Totcky

Submitted by Jim G. in his own words.

I've restored many old cars over the years but never again. This time when I go looking for a Woodie Wagon, I am going to get one already restored. I scoured the internet to find an affordable, restored woodie for months. I finally locate a restored 1950 Plymouth station wagon in the middle of Kansas. I fly out to Wichita and make my way out in the country to lay eyes on this beautifully restored wagon.

When I finally get there, the car looks great from the street. When I get closer I notice the very metallic paint missing some chunks; but the wood was nice. This was the first car this man had ever painted. The upholstery, an ugly off white/gray, had been done by a friend trying to start an upholstery business. It was awful; but the wood was nice. I very seriously doubt that the upholstery business survived. I looked closer at the car to find that the rocker panels were constructed of a two-by-four and a strip of oak flooring. This supported the pieces of scrap sheet metal that were now the floor. This supported the front seat out of some other kind of car or truck, which was mounted on two-by-sixes; but the wood was nice.

2014 Totcky 2014 Totcky 2014 Totcky
...but the wood was nice

I came all this way so I might as well take it for a ride. After a jump, we got it started but it would barely stay running. I put it into reverse and it went forward. I put in first and it went backward. It would barely move with very little power; but the wood was nice.

I decided it was time to head back to the airport and my search for a woodie would continue. The owner of the car was very disappointed and wanted me to make him an offer. After a drop of $20K in his price, I made the mistake of calling my wife. She said you have to get it because the wood was so nice. I was then the owner of another major project which after a couple of years, I am happy to finally have a woodie wagon with nice wood.

2014 Totcky 2014 Totcky 2014 Totcky
I knew it all along. It was in there just screaming to get out.
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