2012 Totcky Award Winner

2012 Totcky

Submitted by Marcia S.

This year's recipient of the Thomas Totcky Award is Betty Thurstone for the restoration of her 1930 Ford Model A. Betty's late husband, Bob, had quite a collection of fine cars but, in 1984, he wanted to buy the Model A. Bob's mother, Thelma, had taught at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. One of her dearest friends and colleague, Don Tarbet, told them about his Aunt Edith Knisley of Taylor, Missouri, who had some antique cars she was going to sell among which was the Model A. Betty told Bob that the only way he could bring another car into their possession was if he put it in Betty's name. So that is exactly what he did. He went to Missouri and bought that car. It sat behind all the Packards and Buicks for several years until Betty decided that she wanted to restore it and drive it herself. We are proud of Betty and her fine car.
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